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Year 1/2s at St John’s Primary School are thinking about what we have in common as people of Australia.

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Watch the video and answer the questions that they have listed.

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Investigations Expo

To all Parents, Guardians, and Friends,

On Wednesday 19th of October, the 3/4 Community will be holding an Expo to share their Investigation Learning with you all.

We would love you to come along between 2.15pm and 3.15pm to help celebrate their learning.

Hope to see you there,

The 3/4 Team.

Help patients with cancer!

Hello 3/4 students,(and parents),

Sam O, Jaxon F, Darcy W, Ava L and Paige G are doing RE investigations and are trying to support the cancer ward in Andrew Love Center Geelong. We are trying to support people living with cancer. If anyone would like to donate any good quality handmade art, candles, knitted blankets, craft, cards for Christmas, hand sewn items, clay ornaments to sell in their shop we would appreciate it. We would also like any tutorials on how to make art or other things that we could sell. The money raise will go towards helping patients that need transport to get to the hospital. If you have anything please come to ether Paige G, Sam O, Jaxon F, Ava L or Darcy W and we will be delighted.                                                                               Thank you so much!



Maths Expo- Change of Time

Dear Parents and Friends of the 3/4 Learning Community,

On Thursday the students will be sharing their Maths Learning at an Learning Expo.

As we have postponed the Walkathon from Wednesday to Thursday, and we will now be having an early recess due to this, we are going to change the start times for the Expos so all students still get enough time to share their learning.

The revised times for the Expo are:

Blue, Purple and Green will now be starting at 9:15

Yellow, Orange and Red will now be starting at 10:15.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the change of time. We hope that parents will still be able to come and help us celebrate the students learning.

Nature Matters

Dear 3/4s,

Our group is working on improving our School Community.  We were wondering if you or your family and friends, would like to help with our workshop on planting nature in our school grounds.  We have not worked out the dates yet but it will be in term 4. We promise we will let you know when we are having the work shop. Our school used to look beautiful and we want it to look as beautiful as it was in the past.  We would love it if you or your family and friends could donate some time to help with the planting. Please leave a comment as we would love to hear what you think.

From Andie, Matthew, Alfie and Amielle

Stories of Jesus’ Life

As part of our unit of work about Community and Eucharist, many children who celebrated Eucharist said that the Eucharist means to live a life more like Jesus.

We named the things about Jesus that we admire. Jesus …

is a healer    is someone who forgives     shows kindness          

welcomes others     shows compassion      has empathy

treats others fairly     teaches us how to be a peacemaker    is a story-teller 

Click on the link to see a list of stories of Jesus’ life that show his qualities.