Kitchen Garden Delights

Our School Kitchen Garden is full of delicious green vegetables after so much rain, and also some sunny days.

Today we harvested silver beet, turnips, celery, broccoli, spring onions and carrot to make some tasty pasties.

We had lots of fun cutting and grating the vegetables, and making the pastry into interesting shapes.

What are some of your favourite recipes to cook at home?  Why is it important to include lots of vegetables in your diet?


Looking for Parent Helpers

The 3/4 Students are currently investigating a range of Science topics and we are looking for parents/grandparents/family members that may have expertise or knowledge in a certain area.

Some of the areas are:

– The human body and body systems

– Earth Sciences and the environment

– Digestion

– Healthy choices/food

– Gravity/forces

We would love to arrange a time for you to come in to the 3/4 area to share your knowledge with the kids.

Please contact one of the teachers if you would like to help out.  With Thanks, The 3/4 team

Miss Maddie:



First Eucharist

CA5FJHCWA reminder that the Presentation Mass for children who will be celebrating the Sacrament of Eucharist is on this weekend. For most families, we expect that you will bring your child to present themselves as a commitment to the Eucharist program at the 8:45 Mass on Sunday morning, 17th July at St Therese Church.

The children will be making a commitment statement and handing out their personal profile card to one of the parishioners during the Mass as part of the celebration.

It is great to hear that families who are unable to attend on Sunday morning at St Therese are committing to attend on Saturday night at Anglesea.

Finally, a reminder for those who haven’t sent their preference of dates for the Eucharist celebration (either the 21st or 28th of August) could you please email your preferred date to Peter Caddy in the next couple of days. Please check the list below to ensure that your child’s name has been added to the list.

Eucharist 2016


The 3/4 Team


3/4 Learning Expo

IMG_0478 IMG_0492 IMG_0485IMG_0501IMG_0502IMG_0493What an excellent afternoon that we shared with fellow St Therese students and parents, showcasing our learning in Investigations this term! We all loved explaining what we had learnt and showing our models and interesting displays.

The Dangers of Real Witches (Roald Dahl)

Watch the Roald Dahl video below about witches.

Respond to these questions:

What interesting words and phrases did the author use in his description of witches?

How does the man in this video use his voice and expression to engage his audience?

What can you learn from this video to help with the way you speak in front of an audience?


Respecting Personal Space

Watch the video together as a group and have a discussion about personal space. 


Respond to these questions together:

What is personal space?

Why is it important to have our own personal space?

How can we show that we respect other peoples personal space?