Sovereign Hill Excursion

Wow, what a great excursion we had to Sovereign Hill, Ballarat!

What were some of your highlights of the day?

Did you make any connections with your current Investigations and if so what was it?

What are some wonderings you have?

Here are some photos that were taken! Do they remind you of some of your experiences?

IMG_3213IMG_3217IMG_3224IMG_3230IMG_3235IMG_3231IMG_3236IMG_3240IMG_3253IMG_3243IMG_3255IMG_3259IMG_3265IMG_3276 IMG_3272 IMG_3278 IMG_3280 IMG_3284 IMG_3211


2 thoughts on “Sovereign Hill Excursion

  1. We went to sovereign hill we got to take 10 dollars some of the things we did
    – went in the mine
    – lollie shop
    -we dig for gold
    – we dress up as olden day kids

  2. We had a lot of fun it was cool we got to bring $10 to buy things.we got to buy lollies and we got some lollies for free they were called lime drops. we got
    To go to school in the olden days also we got to dig for gold and we found some.

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