12 thoughts on “Why Do We Use Commas ?

  1. Hey it’s Scarlett,this week has been awesome because we have had Swimming and it has been awesome we learned freestyle,tornado,backstroke and all different kinds of stuff thanks for reading my blog post.

    by Scarlett.H.

  2. hi its Ava and grace
    I think learning to swim is very important thing so thankyou for teaching me all different things you have taught me a lot just in 3 seshens so thankyou.
    p.s I love swimming.

  3. Hi it is Jasmine, Leila, and Lilla,
    Australia is going alright in Olymics swimming. So far on tv we have seen the women relays, mens relays, freestyle, backstroke and breast stroke. So far Australia has won in swimming two golds, zero silvers and two bronze medals. In total all of Australia’s medals adds up to nine medals. We have four gold, zero silver and five bronze at the moment.

  4. hay its grace and ava
    I think that learning to swim is very important ,so thank you for teaching me all the different swimming moves,you have taught me a lot in just three seshons . thankyou

  5. 3/4 swimming is really,really good because the swimming teachers are really,really nice .because they make you feel great your self.

  6. This weeks swimming has been fantastic and it has been so much fun i have been so exited for this week thanks for reading my swimming bog post

  7. Dear Jeff,
    We hope you have a good time in America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And a fantastic flight to China, Queensland, Africa and the North Pole. Misses Bob, the builder is looking forward to seeing you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From Bob the builder.

  8. Dear Mum and Dad,
    I hope you have a good time on your holiday, in Bali,
    and bring me back a present,
    can the present be a statue,
    of the famous cooper, but I got to admit that
    this statue is cool.

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