Capital Letter Challenge

Write a 25 word piece of writing.

Your challenge is to include as many correctly used capital letters as you can. 

The most successful sentence will have their work posted on the 3/4 Blog.

Record your piece in your writing book first, then edit it and have a partner check it.

Click on the red link below to visit the Padlet.  Double click on the Padlet to add your edited writing. Don’t forget to include your first name at the end of your post.

Writing Challenge Padlet

Sovereign Hill Excursion

Wow, what a great excursion we had to Sovereign Hill, Ballarat!

What were some of your highlights of the day?

Did you make any connections with your current Investigations and if so what was it?

What are some wonderings you have?

Here are some photos that were taken! Do they remind you of some of your experiences?

IMG_3213IMG_3217IMG_3224IMG_3230IMG_3235IMG_3231IMG_3236IMG_3240IMG_3253IMG_3243IMG_3255IMG_3259IMG_3265IMG_3276 IMG_3272 IMG_3278 IMG_3280 IMG_3284 IMG_3211


Windows to the World

Today we did a Windows to the world activity as part of our Sustaining The Planet Investigations focus. We laid four sticks down in a square and observed all the nature and creatures living in the square without disturbing them for ten minutes. This helped us to notice things in our environment that we don’t usually notice. If we’re walking on the plants we don’t notice that there is actually things living there and we’re probably killing them. By Darienneimage