Fathers Day Breakfast

The hall was alive with laughter, smiling faces, and delicious food on Friday the 2nd of September. Our Dads tucked into a hot breakfast prepared generously by the parents of our 3/4 students. All of the students practised their waitering skills, carrying plates piled high with egg, bacon and hash browns, steaming coffee, and fresh orange juice. Our Dads enjoyed meeting each other and sharing a meal together to celebrate Fathers Day. We

thank all of the Mums who helped out on the day – it was a great success!IMG_0563IMG_0568 IMG_0564IMG_0572 IMG_0571IMG_0570

How is your dad special to you?

How do you celebrate Fathers Day with your family?

Kitchen Garden Delights

Our School Kitchen Garden is full of delicious green vegetables after so much rain, and also some sunny days.

Today we harvested silver beet, turnips, celery, broccoli, spring onions and carrot to make some tasty pasties.

We had lots of fun cutting and grating the vegetables, and making the pastry into interesting shapes.

What are some of your favourite recipes to cook at home?  Why is it important to include lots of vegetables in your diet?


Looking for Parent Helpers

The 3/4 Students are currently investigating a range of Science topics and we are looking for parents/grandparents/family members that may have expertise or knowledge in a certain area.

Some of the areas are:

– The human body and body systems

– Earth Sciences and the environment

– Digestion

– Healthy choices/food

– Gravity/forces

We would love to arrange a time for you to come in to the 3/4 area to share your knowledge with the kids.

Please contact one of the teachers if you would like to help out.  With Thanks, The 3/4 team

Miss Maddie: mlindquist@sttorquay.catholic.edu.au



3/4 Learning Expo

IMG_0478 IMG_0492 IMG_0485IMG_0501IMG_0502IMG_0493What an excellent afternoon that we shared with fellow St Therese students and parents, showcasing our learning in Investigations this term! We all loved explaining what we had learnt and showing our models and interesting displays.

The Dangers of Real Witches (Roald Dahl)

Watch the Roald Dahl video below about witches.

Respond to these questions:

What interesting words and phrases did the author use in his description of witches?

How does the man in this video use his voice and expression to engage his audience?

What can you learn from this video to help with the way you speak in front of an audience?


Respecting Personal Space

Watch the video together as a group and have a discussion about personal space. 


Respond to these questions together:

What is personal space?

Why is it important to have our own personal space?

How can we show that we respect other peoples personal space?


Building your independence


Independence is about being able to do things by yourself! We all know how it feels when we can achieve something ourselves by putting in effort, practice and determination. It makes us feel important and confident.

If you could write a letter to your parent to explain how they could help you to develop your independence, what would you tell them?

Here are some examples….

Dear Mum and Dad, Please help me to be confident and resilient…

  • Let me put my bag away in the morning at school
  • Give me a chance to solve a problem with a friend on my own (even though I may have talked to you about it and I am feeling upset)
  • Let me talk to a teacher on my own when I have a problem
  • Let me make my own breakfast
  • Let me make some or all of my own lunch (with some guidance if making unhealthy choices)
  • Please allow me to solve problems on my own – it’s the only way I can build resilience. (I know you are there to help me if I really need you to step in).
  • Please give me lots of responsibility so I become confident in my own abilities!
  • Please do not do anything for me that I can do for myself, this robs me of my confidence.

Melbourne Excursion

IMG_1003 IMG_0951IMG_0967

On Wednesday the 4th May, the 3/4 students were fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Melbourne by train, visit one of three museums (Melbourne, Immigration, or Chinese Museum), and then share a delicious Chinese lunch at The Dragon Boat Restaurant. 

What a wonderful day full of new experiences and incredible learning opportunities. 

Respond to these questions together as a group:

  1. How would you rate the Melbourne excursion?  Explain the reasons for your answer.
  2. What were the highlights of the day?
  3. Is there anything you would recommend to make this excursion better next year?

Author Visit – Justin D’Ath




On Tuesday, St Therese Primary was lucky to have a local author Justin D’Ath visit our school and share some interesting stories about his life and his books. He also gave some wonderful tips on how to be a good story writer.

What did you learn about Justin?

What skills did you learn about being a writer?

Did he inspire you? If so, how?Unknown-1Unknown-2