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Maths Expo

Next Thursday, 15th September, our 3/4 students will again be taking responsibility for sharing their learning at a Maths Expo.

Students from 3/4 Green, Blue, and Purple will be sharing their learning from 9:45-10:30 and the students from 3/4 Yellow, Red and Orange will be sharing their learning from 10:45- 11:30.

We would love to have parents come in and help the students celebrate their learning.

We Are One But We Are Many- Workshops

Today the students in the 3/4 learning area were given the opportunity to extend their thinking and knowledge about this term’s investigation topic which we titled ‘We Are One But We Are Many.’

Students moved their way through teacher-led workshops focusing  on Aboriginal Art, Australian Poetry, Australia’s multicultural cuisines, Australian Fashion, Immigration to Australia and making Clay figurines of Australians. Students were encouraged to reflect on what they learnt as well as consider what wonderings that they still have.

Although students weren’t able to have a go at all of the workshops today, we will give them a chance to catch up on what they missed later in the week.


If you have a discovery or a wondering that you would like to share, can you please comment below.