All About Me – Me Box

For Friday, students are to bring items and photos that represent different things about them. Some items to include would be images or items of important people in their life, family, special places, pets, hobbies, treasures, talents/gifts.

Students will have the opportunity to share their items on Friday in small groups.

Stories of Jesus’ Life

As part of our unit of work about Community and Eucharist, many children who celebrated Eucharist said that the Eucharist means to live a life more like Jesus.

We named the things about Jesus that we admire. Jesus …

is a healer    is someone who forgives     shows kindness          

welcomes others     shows compassion      has empathy

treats others fairly     teaches us how to be a peacemaker    is a story-teller 

Click on the link to see a list of stories of Jesus’ life that show his qualities.


First Eucharist

CA5FJHCWA reminder that the Presentation Mass for children who will be celebrating the Sacrament of Eucharist is on this weekend. For most families, we expect that you will bring your child to present themselves as a commitment to the Eucharist program at the 8:45 Mass on Sunday morning, 17th July at St Therese Church.

The children will be making a commitment statement and handing out their personal profile card to one of the parishioners during the Mass as part of the celebration.

It is great to hear that families who are unable to attend on Sunday morning at St Therese are committing to attend on Saturday night at Anglesea.

Finally, a reminder for those who haven’t sent their preference of dates for the Eucharist celebration (either the 21st or 28th of August) could you please email your preferred date to Peter Caddy in the next couple of days. Please check the list below to ensure that your child’s name has been added to the list.

Eucharist 2016


The 3/4 Team


Year 3/4 Family Mass

This Sunday, 1st May, has been set aside for the families of Yr 3/4 to celebrate Mass with the Parish Community. We really look forward to seeing a large group of families represented at this Mass. The 3/4 students will be involved in various roles within the Mass including reading prayers of the faithful and Scripture readings as well as participating in the processions.

Mass begins at 8:45 AM at St Therese Church.