Literacy Tasks Week 9, 10 and 11

Viewing and Responding: The Indigenous Seasons!/media/1771788/indigenous-seasons-cross-northern-australia


What kinds of things show a change of season?

At Deep Creek have you noticed changes in plants and animals that happen at a similar time each year?


Listening to Music and Responding:

Describe what you hear using 10 words of phrases. Write or draw what you visualise.

Investigations provocations

We have some new provocations set up in our learning spaces. The link above will take you to a provocation that will get you thinking about ‘What is the story of Deep Creek?’ .   The question you can respond to is ‘How do you story place  when it is already storied?’. We would love to have students and parents theories about this. You can add text, drawings, videos but please respect the work of others in the community.