Blogging Rules

When being an active contributor on the 3/4 Learning Community blog, it is important to remember a few important safety and happy community rules. These are as follows:

1. When posting a comment, make sure your comment is a GOOD COMMENT.
2. Comments must include your true first name (no nicknames), but not your surname.
3. Comment must not include information such as your date of birth, address, phone number or email address.
4. Comments must be polite, constructive and courteous.
5. Comments will be filtered and monitored and any silly, rude or inappropriate comments will be deleted and users may be blocked from the blog.
6. All St Therese students and family members must follow rules and guidelines outlined in the St Therese School Internet User Agreements. A breach of these rules and guidelines will result in appropriate consequences as outlined in the agreements and/or decided by leadership staff at St Therese School at the time.

Let’s make sure our 3/4 Learning Community blog is a happy, safe, exciting and wonderful learning space to communicate and collaborate with others!

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