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 In this space you will find important information such as permission forms, special notices and details about upcoming events. 


Was held on Tuesday 16th February in the central space of the 3/4 Learning Community at 7pm.

To view the Power point presented on the night, click the link below !!

Powerpoint – Parent Information Night 2016

The 2016 3/4 Parent Information note was emailed out to all parents. It can also be viewed from the link below.

Parent Information note 2016

Permission Forms and Notes



Parent, Teacher, Student Interviews.
This year in the 3/4 Learning Community we ask that students are present at the parent, teacher and student interviews. Students will lead the interviews, explaining what they have been learning, focusing on and what strategies they have been using. A sample of the types of questions and prompts that will be used can be found by clicking on this link here: Parent Teacher Student Interview Prompts
Any confidential matters that need to be addressed without the student present can be done so at the conclusion of the interview.


Teacher Contact Details

If you need to contact a teacher from the 3/4 Learning Community throughout the year, you may call St Therese School on 5261 4246 or send an email, as per below.

Miss Julie – jnicholson@sttorquay.catholic.edu.au

Miss Armour – sarmour@sttorquay.catholic.edu.au

Mrs Jo – jsertic-medson@sttorquay.catholic.edu.au

Mr Caddy – pcaddy@sttorquay.catholic.edu.au

Mrs McDonald – tmcdonald@sttorquay.catholic.edu.au

Miss Maddie – mlindquist@sttorquay.catholic.edu.au

Mr Low – mlow@sttorquay.catholic.edu.au

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  1. Not long ago Mark came in to our school the 3/4 learning community. He works at Super Tramp in Geelong. But he use to be a runner in the Olympics. At his primary school he said he was not that good and always come last in all sport events. But he kept on trying then he was so good at lots of sports. Then he was in the Olympics!!!

  2. What I love about blogs…..

    1.You get to put in really cool and atractive thing on your blog.
    2. You can look at other peoples blogs to see what they have wrote.

  3. my favourite sports are basketball skating surfing and footy.
    this year i’m looking forward to big sports day and cross country.

  4. What I love about the blog is when you can learn new things and go on amazing stuff like people’s blogs.
    What I like about the blog talking to people about what they have been doing.

  5. The blog has a lot of notices and news for everyone to read about. I like how the school blog shows their events in a creative way. They add awesome photos and pictures on the school blog. I also like it how we can send emails to other kids and teachers!

  6. My favorite sport is basketball.I play in a team called the smashes. We have won two games. But this week we will get smashed.

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