You are expected to participate in reading each day. You may read individually, to someone or with someone. We would strongly encourage you to discuss what you have read with your mum or dad.  Get them to ask questions that challenge your thinking.




27 thoughts on “Homestudy

  1. hi 3/4 good work on everything.Im loving investgation the topic is our past present and future



  2. My mum went to Gallipoli and saw the cemetery and all of the graves of the soildiers who died.She walked around the trenches were the soldiers hid when they were in the war

  3. I wonder what investigations is going to be about?
    I wonder what our homework is going to be?
    I wonder when the year 4s are doing there blog?

  4. Hey 3/4 can’t wait for this year it will be the best year in school I love maths and I have the opportunity now at home to do maths some people think maths is complicated but if your focusing and good at it, it won’t be complicated any more

  5. Hi 3/4 I love reading so homework will be fun this year. I also love writing narratives because thinking of stories is fun:)

  6. Hi 3/4,
    For home study we really think that the Reading Response is a good idea, because then we don’t have to comment every night like we had been doing for the past year.

    Madison and Neshren

  7. Hi 3/4 I like to teach our parents aswell instead of them teaching us we can achrerley teach someone else. BYE

  8. Hi 3/4,
    Homework is so cool! It gives you the oppertunety to do more work than just at school. You can keep working and it’s not limited time!

    BY ELLA .O.

  9. Hi 3/4,

    Darienne- I am looking forward to homework aswell.

    Ally- I cant wait to start the homework. Im looking forward to spelling.

    Lainey- I like a challenge in home work.

  10. Hi 3/4, I love homework, it is the best thing when is it ready and how are the year threes going. I enjoy sport and art and really like Indonesian.
    From Kaighin.

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