Below are some literacy links (You will need a set of headphones)

Ziptales –

1. Choose a Genre (eg: Fantasy, Fairytales, True Tales)

2. Read and listen to a story.

3. Do the “fill the gaps” and “multiple choice” activities.

Dust Echoes

1. Choose a story and read the synopsis.

2. Read about the meaning of the story and where it came from.

3. Take the quiz.

Studyladder – to access all activities you will need to obtain a log in from your teacher.

Here are some great learning games to help you improve reading and writing skills! Choose games that challenge you to help you get better and better!

Literacy Zone – Online Talking Stories

PBS For Kids – Literacy Games

Kent Trust Web – Literacy Games

Fun Brain – Reading Fun

Smarty Games – Reading Games

BBC Trapped! – Spelling

Whizz words – Spelling

Grammar Games:

BBC Trapped! – Punctuation

Penguins on Ice – Punctuation

Blast the Rocket – Tenses

Test yourself – Tenses

BBC Trapped! – Nouns and adjectives

BBC – Verbs and adverbs

Spelling Activities and Games

Find out from your teacher which spelling list you should focus on.  You can practise your words at home by using these fun Spelling Activities.  Also, you can visit the Spelling City website (link below), add your words, and play the FREE GAMES, activities and tests to improve your spelling!

OR you can play the great games on an iPad, by adding the ‘Spelling City’ app (it’s free!). Yay!

As well as practicing your weekly spelling lists, you can take a look at the The 100 Most Commonly Misspelled Words For Children.  This list was made over 50 years ago and children are still getting some of them wrong! Some interesting words are: its and it’s and also there, they’re and their. Do you know the differences?

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    I love the literacy games they are so awesome I play them over and over agin they are so fun I trapped spelling some time it gets hard when you go higher levels but it is still fun i love reading and writing and I love games and you put them together it makes literacy games and I love that it is the best thank you for reading

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