Term 4 Weeks 3 and 4

Writing Website 1

Writing Website 2

Writing Website 3

Writing Website 4

Term 3

Literacy Activities Week 5 and 6

Listening response

Watch a ‘Miniscule’ video and respond by commenting on the moral of the story and how sound and music has been used to help tell the story.


Watch the clip about Uluru

Record your learning in your Literacy Book


Uses of rocks:

How many uses can you think of for rocks? Think of as many as you can and write in your Literacy book. Be creative.


Rock Art: Select a rock from behind the portable and create your own rock art piece using chalk or oil pastels

Viewing – Rocks

Information Poster about rocks  

Refer to the proforma for ideas on how to present your work

Literacy Activities Week 3 and 4

Listening to Reading: Minuscule Series

Choose one of the Minuscule videos to watch. Use the ThinkMarks to respond to the video. Record your response in your literacy book.




Literacy Activities Week 1 and 2

Viewing – Bees!/media/2188279/why-do-bees-boogie

Hexagon response. Trace and cut around two hexagon shapes. Write 3 facts you learned from the film on one shape and write 3 questions or wonderings you have about bees on the other hexagon.


Handwriting/Poetry writing  

Cinquain poems

Select one of the images and write a poem using the form of a cinquain poem.

Poetry images of plants, gardens, bees, flowers vegetables, ladybugs


Listening response:

The Flight of the Bumble Bee

As a colony of bees respond through drawing to the ‘Flight of the Bumble Bee’

(Use the scrap paper to plan as you listen.)


Literacy Activities Week 9 and 10

Indigenous Seasons

Read to Self/Someone

Literacy Activities Week 7 and 8

Viewing – Mungo Man

Respond to the story you have viewed by writing a comment on the BTN website.

Listening response:

Think about words or phrases that describe any aspect of what you hear. (10 words or phrases) Write or draw what you visualised



Speaking and Listening–  Reader’s Theatre – Dreamtime stories / songs. Sunshine online – Dreamtime stories section

Username: sttorquay password: student

Create your own dreamtime story to share with someone – friends, family